“The Purest Truth Is The Best Way To A Happy Life.”

The true gift of Life becomes like a house of cards when one cannot look within in utter honesty. Integrity can be equally hard as it is soft. When the veil of illusion is lifted, regardless of the catalyst, it is often quite shocking. It is a natural reaction to want to run to back to bed and pull the sheets over our heads. And we have all done so at one point or another, and may do so again. Thank Goodness that the beautiful gift of Sight does not allow us to hide for long…yet at the same time, the vision of Soul remains quietly observant as witness even in our times of silence. Once the eyes have been opened…they cannot close fully again. Understand and find comfort in this. This a space of Infinite Grace…of accountability intermingled with Ultimate Love…with Source…with All. It at times can feel like an unjust burden to remain in our integrity. The ego finds all sorts of ‘justifications’ not to do so, outside of ourselves. (“Why should I hold myself accountable when no else seems to?”) Outside of our own soul is not our concern…looking anywhere else for validation or rewards for holding true self is futile and will yield no peace. One begins to understand how deep of an integrity is required to remain in alignment with our heart and Soul, with Spirit. And it is not always pretty or pleasant…however, deeply beautiful and true alchemy. It (integrity) also contains within it a deep and natural sense of relaxation (due to the understanding of transmission, accountability, and compassionate patience working together), that allows having “nowhere to hide” to be quite liberating. Remaining true to your integrity will naturally open you to love more deeply and compassionately, while standing gracefully in your own accountability.



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