“Making A Self Deposit Into Your Internal Checking Account To Create A Balance”

On Authenticity: “Until we know ourselves and are aware of ourselves as separate from others and from the environment – until we can be separated even from ourselves so that we can observe our own tendencies, thoughts, and desires – we have no foundation from which to know and respect other people, let alone to create change within ourselves.”  (How have you found your authentic self?)

We all have heard the phrase “One Day At A Time”, but how do we really apply it to our life on a daily basis? Is it just about not drinking, drugging, overeating or starving one day at a time? No, “One Day At A Time” is about even more than discontinuing one particuliar behavior, one day at a time. It is about realizing that whenever your life feels overwhelming, when you feel as if everything is out of control, or that there is too much to do, that there is no “Time-Out” in sight, that all you need do is focus on living your life today. You need not consider or get WEIGHED down by the totality of what you need to do tomorrow, the day after, the day after that, next week, next month. If you focus on just doing what you need to do for today, it becomes doable. There have been times in my life where I had to break it down to increments of one minute at a time, one 1/2 hour at a time, and 1 hour at a time. and it really works!!! Just today, I was feeling completley overwhelmed thinking about everything I want to and need to do, and I almost felt paralyzed from taking action, and then I reminded myself I only need to focus on living today and choosing a reasonable amount of tasks to concentrate on today, and my entire attitude changed. In fact, as I shifted my attitude and felt less WEIGHED DOWN mentally, my attitude towards my body size actually shifted also, and I felt less weighed down physically (and that is an example of feeling fat never really having to do with our body size, but how we perceive ourselves in relations to our life). Live in the now, live for today. 

Your thoughts determine your life. How you think about life and how you look at life, will steer you in one direction or another. This is something that most people do not take seriously, but they should. How are you looking at your glass of life?

Don’t think in terms of half full or half empty, but rather in terms of completely full of beauty. After all, every glass is ALWAYS completely full, the only question is what it is filled with. It may be half full of wine and half full of air, or totally full of wine or totally full of air, but it is always full. How much beauty it contains though, depends on YOU! 




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