~In life you are going to encounter many obstacles. You may fall, you may just barely make it, or you just may soar over the hurdles. Realize, with every jump.. and even every attempt, you will gain more strength, more wisdom, more courage, and more drive. Don’t ever let obstacles get in your way of life, because they are after all, a part of life itself. One day, if not already, you are going to be grateful for the things that have steppedImage in your way, keep on keeping’ on……..
“To conquer frustration, one must remain intensely focused on the outcome, not the obstacles.” One of the best ways to predict our futures is when we decide we are going to be the ones to create it, think for yourself, and as you do, remember to allow others the joy of doing so as well. In your life you will encounter three types of individuals, the ones who see things the way they are (reality) and always ask why?, then there are those too afraid to even look so they close their hearts to the world, then there are the few who dare to go beyond reason and dream things that never were, and there responses to the non believers…..why not? The only person who can decide what is and is not possible is your own self and limitations, remember that. Have the courage to follow your heart, we must have the strength and courage to be open, honest and sincere, sincere with ourselves and sincere with others, this will open the door to deeper communication and understanding, pure sincerity can reach the coldest of hearts. ..keep your intentions genuine. We get what we give, as conscious beings we radiate the energy that lies deep within our hearts, that energy is created by our intentions and thoughts. If we are consistently sending love or well wishes for others, then in turn we receive the same type of love and positive energy which attracts positive events and people; keep your thoughts and wishes surrounded by good intentions, and never be jealous or feel life is unfair, we are always in full control of everything, especially that which we keep deep within our hearts. We have to keep our dreams alive, we alone carry the power to transform our thoughts into physical reality, it’s amazingly powerful; to pursue something with such dedication we make our dreams come true. Keep faith and believe in ourselves, see what it is we want, then work hard toward becoming it, letting go of everything that has held us back; risking it all to what we thought impossible. ~  “FLY”

                                                                       By Grace Mercy Saves


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