Are You Looking For The Magic & Light? Stop! You Are Just That, It’s In You!!

~ImageToday was made just for you, this moment this second, belongs to you alone. Do not look back and grieve and suffer for the past, for the past is done and gone. Do not be troubled and worried about the future because that to has not yet come, and worrying only robs you of the present moment. Instead, focus your attention on right now, this moment and make this experience so beautiful so enriching that this moment right now will be worth remembering. Every person in the world has the desire to feel important. If you can consciously and genuinely show others just how important they are, you will create a good environment attracting friends who really want to see you succeed and willingly encourage you in your plans and ideals. Surround yourself with those whom have common goals and desires, not those who emotionally and socially benefit from your failures, or those who feel your dreams are meant for storybooks not real life. I promise you there is so much more to life to love and experience when you just decide to let go and start moving toward that which you have only dreamed about. It is truly difficult and amazing when we learn to give up on trying to be perfect and begin our journey toward working on being ourselves. We all have been given the gift of life, do not allow apart of yourself to die while experiencing the journey; whether it’s our spirit, our creativity, our hopes, our dreams or even our glorious uniqueness, take full advantage of your gifts, use them wisely and positively, muster us all your energy and live vigorously through each and every single moment. ~


                                                    By Grace Mercy Saves 


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