“Taking The Speck Of Dirt Out Of My Own Eye” It Works If You Work It!!

I as look back and reflect; which good to do at times or when there is a folk in the road.. ” I am not proud of all things I have done in my past; but I am not ashamed any more, most of all not in the eye’s of Man either. Every choice I have made in life (whether good or not so good), has brought me to this very place.” It has taken years for me to get to the place of accepting my past; of knowing that it is part of who I am, that it has molded me into the person I am today. There are still days in which my head questions the entire scenario, but those days are far less that they once were and short-lived at that. Shame and guilt are dangerous for one to hold; their purpose is utter destruction and hopelessness . I am embracing myself for who I am today, loving myself for what I have and haven’t done. I know that today I’m living my life in a different way, that I never expected to. I have reached out and loving others, showing compassion and genuine care. Yes we do things we are not proud of, but who of us have not made our own share of blunders? The hardest battle is the one that goes on inside oneself, it is up to us who wins!  If I should fall, there will be only one thing for me to do; that is Get Back Up..  One thing I’ve never played small in this universe, and always did whatever It was “BIG”  I most certainly never took a beating lying down.. LOL!!<3 The only way for Yamie is up^


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