“Removing The Conflicting Situations “

What has life thrown at you? Where have you come from? How do you continue? Such are the questions asked many times within our lives, no matter which upbringing, which town you were raised in or what stand you have taken each day in life’s arena. Why do we wrestle with the conflicting situations in our lives? Where does the puzzle come together? How do we search out the answers? Thank the Lord there is hope to continue on in situations in life, with a smile, true joy, hope and peace in our hearts. Hopefully you have been able to just jump right out of the bed ready for the awesome day ahead. But, if you haven’t then it is okay you are going to also make it this day with the joy and hope needed to continue through, even if conflicting situations arise.
What  do we do with the conflicting situations that arise in our lives? Many times we panic, fall into horror, with no direction to turn but a trauma scene. Then other times we stand up and face the conflicting situation with a word of strength from within to clarify our stand and what we will and will not accept before it. Then other times we just crawl a way to a place to get away from the conflicting situation and in some sense to hide from it till it disappears. But, it does not disappear; it does not just go away.
What  is our place in the conflicting situation that we have standing right before us today? Search it out? See where the true root of the problem is? Receive clarity on the situation? Do the things the small voice within is telling you to do? Step back and go to a quiet place or setting to sort out your emotions, feelings, hurt and pain. Release it all to the one you depend on this day. Remember that no person can solve this conflicting situation for you. Only time, understanding, patience, and kindness can intercede for the moment, with each and everyone involved.
Do you see that glimmer of hope within the dark night, the dark shadow that was cast down on you? Did you muster up the breath to pray, cry, and laugh through the tears. Yes, many times we will even laugh within the tears of some of the conflicting situations as we see the open door for communication or forgiveness that has just entered your heart once again. This is a gift to be able to stand back and look at the conflicting situation, discerning what truly is going on, and what truly can happen to help each and everyone within the situations moment of revelation.
We wonder so many times how and why this conflicting situation has happen, and why it has blown up in our face in such away as this. Yet the root of the situation has been there for a while, sometimes years, and never has been shown or confronted. So this is your moment to soar over it, to differ in it, to resolve the issues that are within you, and to love the others within it, with kindness and love that can only come from a heart connected to an unconditional loving higher power. One that does not judge within the midst of the conflicting situation, but loves each one involved whether they know him or not.
Take your conflicting situation and let the door be wide open, and if the window is also needed to be opened, do that too. But seek the answer to the root of the situation, know that it too shall pass, but don’t let it pass without some lesson learned within. Without some unconditional love mustered up, and some defense that says I have made it through and will continue in the fullness of my higher power, knowing that his unconditional love will withstand me, urge me, and uplift me.
Then go on giving all you have, the strength and power, the wisdom and knowledge freely to another person in need of that touch. That strength, wisdom, power, and knowledge that has been freely given to you! Give and receive, give and receive, give and receive…
Enjoy your next moment of truth, your next moment within the conflicting situation that may cross your path sooner than you think, with a whirlwind in the midst of a calm day. But be strong knowing you will get through, you will stand and you will make it, no matter what anyone tells you. Your higher power is there for you. To give you the strength and hope you need for this moment, always.


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